Our mission is to provide accessible top quality child care and educational programs that foster
family, center, and elementary school collaboration to help children and families work together
to promote learning and school readiness.

Grover Place Child Care is committed to the enhancement of the “whole” child, socially,
emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Children in our care are respected as unique and
capable individuals. Each child has a wealth of interests and cultural heritage that we embrace,
celebrate, and share.

We strive to provide an environment conducive to stimulating the desire in every child to
succeed to their highest potential. Children have the opportunity to explore in a safe classroom,
both indoors and outdoors, that is theme-based, age-appropriate, and clean. The classroom is
a community and exudes a feeling of home away from home. Children are provided with daily
learning opportunities based on the Creative Curriculum adapted to the Maryland Model for
School Readiness and Maryland State Department of Education Voluntary Curriculum.


Our staff members are qualified, dedicated, nurturing teachers who provide consistent care and
guidance to help build each child’s character, self-esteem, and sense of responsibility for self
and the world they live in. Staff members continue to grow professionally through training
specific to their age group. All staff members will work cooperatively with families, public school
staff, and other resources to provide a well-rounded program for all children.

We embrace the importance of the parent and/or guardian as the key role model and teacher in
a child’s life. We embrace the concept that the lifestyle and cultural heritage of
parent(s)/guardian can vary widely from family to family; however, the desire of each family is
the same: wanting the best possible life and learning outcome for their child. We are committed
to supporting families and maintaining positive and open communication between family and
teacher for effective partnership in each child’s development. The center institutes an open-door
policy; family members are welcome to visit at any time. We continually work to earn the
trust placed in us to care for the future of tomorrow.

We believe the collaboration between community, schools, and centers promote an opportunity
for growth in each classroom. By volunteering and sharing various learning styles and
techniques we constantly are looking for ways to improve and enhance the quality of our
program. We understand the stress put on families in trying to locate high quality child care;
therefore we work hard to maintain a program that strives to continually improve to meet the
highest standards for quality.

Welcome to Grover Place Child Care